Business Overview

Advertising Agency Business

In the ever-evolving Internet advertising business, we provide optimal value by combining various Internet advertising methods, such as “search-linked advertising,” which displays banner ads on major portal sites and optimal ads based on users’ search terms, and “behavioral targeting advertising,” which displays ads according to the orientation given by users as they travel around on the Internet. We provide optimal value by combining various Internet advertising methods.

Operation of GoogleAds, Yahoo! Promotion Ads, FacebookAD, TikTokAD, DSP ads, etc. on behalf of the client


We provide management services for GoogleAdWords, Yahoo! Promotion Ads, FacebookAD, TikTokAD, and DSP ads.
We handle a wide range of projects such as app promotions and customer acquisition for e-commerce sites. We also handle other media, so please contact us for more information.
Please feel free to contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Ad Delivery System「SMAD」



We are an affiliate system that connects affiliates and advertisers of websites and smartphone applications.

We have many years of experience and technology to maximize the results for both affiliates and advertisers.
We provide services that are beyond the reach of large companies.

Influencer Matching Business

We have launched “Fun Encer”, a matching service between influencers and companies who want to promote their products and services.
We can match a wide range of influencers from micro-influencers to popular influencers. We also introduce many trendy products and services that match the current trends. Please feel free to contact us.


Media production and operation business

We are a 21st century media relations company that responds to various situations (tastes, preferences, and action history) and laterals (age and gender) that can be felt through the “five senses” based on a new media relations approach that inspires “action” from “awareness” covering a wide range of media from the Internet to mass media. We are the creative media division of the 21st century.

A series of map apps by users for users

Restroom information map

Hot spring spa information Map

keeping manner for smoking map

Fishing spot information sharing MAP

Share guide MAP of disaster message board and disaster prevention facility information

Historical landmark map

Hospital map

Bicycle and bike parking spot information sharing MAP


Mobile Charge and Free Wifi GPS-Search MAP!


Cheap juice vending machine information sharing MAP






MAP application official website

Information Sharing MAP-kun / Website version

Website version of the very popular information sharing map for iOS/Android. Comprehensive map service integrating various map apps.


Web design and production business

In addition to the beauty of our website design, we are committed to creating websites based on the concept of creating highly usable websites that meet the needs and age groups of users.
We propose SEO-friendly websites with high user satisfaction and appeal, while incorporating the latest trends and technologies in web design, including responsive liquid design.
We also specialize in the creation of LPs that generate strong conversions. We maximize our know-how as an advertising agency to create landing pages.

fee-charging employment placement business

We can introduce you to the personnel your company is looking for, from general part-timers to IT engineers. We provide human resources on a performance-based compensation basis once they are hired. Our IT engineers are mainly Indian nationals who can speak Japanese. They have both professional IT engineering skills and Japanese language skills. We provide education and practice to Indian people who are highly skilled and have a large population in order to help Japan’s shortage of human resources.

※This will be a business of Beyond, Inc.

System Development Business

We have a large number of engineers who are well versed in a variety of business operations through long term relationships with our customers. Using this business knowledge and the latest IT technology, we develop software and build systems that are easy for customers to use. We also have extensive experience in offshore development in India.
Our standardized development methods and advanced management techniques enable us to achieve higher quality software development with shorter delivery times.